Sebo Automatic X5 Vacuum

If there is any vacuum cleaner that can offer high performance in terms of cleaning and even its design is awesome too then the Sebo Automatic X5 is actually the one. The upright vacuum cleaners by SEBO create the best cleaners.

Is the Sebo X5 Vacuum Cleaner Good?

The smart customers always choose the smart Sebo Automatic X5. For proper cleaning of corners as well as cracks it has wand (instant-use) as well as it has a suction hose too for this purpose. It’s the combination of the wand and hose that make it possible to reach a distance of about eight feet and so cleaning of furniture becomes easy. There is a choice of attaching an extension hose measuring nine-foot, so now the total length of the hose becomes 15 foot for cleaning stairs. Some more attachments are included too that can work with the hose or a wand.

Now it is also easy to clean the places under furniture with this cleaner- you can only reduce its profile to 5 ½ inches by simply moving down the handle to the ground or you can set it to neutral position for cleaning the rugs. By pressing the foot pedal you can avoid the neutral stop position, for securing this point move the slider that is orange in colour. Finally, you have a vacuum that is upright and can be stored under the bed quite easily. Compare this with another vacuum cleaner review, the Dyson DC25.

Even the height of the Sebo X5 vacuum can be adjusted automatically. With the help of electronic controls it is easy to determine the height of the carpet surface as well as the floor can be identified too, also will the power head up or down can be adjusted to the suitable height of the brush, as a result your floors and carpets can be cleaned thoroughly. It has stealing strip for making the task of cleaning the hard floors easily. You can find this stealing strip behind the brush which helps in avoiding the bounce back of the dust. There are special lights for indicating the adjustment of brush. You can clearly see these two green lights (one for down and one for up). The occurrence of best cleaning takes place when the two lights are now flashing or turned off.

There is one more feature i.e. shutting off automatically of the Sebo Automatic X5 if any issue arises. For example if anything gets caught in the brush roller, you can notice that its red light will start blinking to warn, as a result the brush roller will be paused and the machine will be turned off too. The light of the ‘check brush’ will flash continuously while using especially if the bristles of your brush are damaged entirely. In such situation you have to turn off the vacuum as it won’t be turned off on its own. Installing a new brush roller as well as cleaning the dirt off already used one is easy and can be done without any extra tools. Now it is quite clear that Sebo X5 is safe as well as easy-to-use vacuum cleaner.

It has one more useful tool i.e. the stationary use light that can be used when anything wrong happens with this cleaner. If the brush roller does not touch the ground then you will see the red light of the “check brush” will blink to show you that check the brush roller again. Normally, this happens in case of high-pile carpets. In order to solve this simply tilt the upright handle that is locked in the backward direction till you see the brush is lifted over the carpet pile.

Its filter system is highly efficient especially the S-Class filtration of the SEBO Automatic X5 is great for those suffering from asthma or allergies. The filtration takes place in three steps: In the first step, the collection of all the dirt takes place in the three-layer filter bag. In the next step, the rest of the bits of dust will be collected by the special micro-hygiene filter. Now, tiny bits of dust will be left that are not harmful. It’s the exhaust filter that results in providing the clean and fresh air. The construction of these vacuum cleaners is a hard work of the professionals.

There is no need to replace the belts of the Automatic X5 as these are designed in such a manner to last for lifetime. There is no match of the Sebo Automatic X5 in the category of vacuum cleaners.

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